Our clients demand that as an organisation, we combine a great deal of flexibility with a high degree of professionalism. We therefore set high standards for ourselves, our employees and the company.

Matching your skills with our needs
Our strength lies in the attitude of commitment and the knowledge of our team. We firmly believe that we can continue to keep commitment levels high by finding the best possible match between the skills and the needs of our staff on the one hand, and the needs of the company on the other.

What we’re after
A thorough knowledge of our field and a good understanding of market developments are important, but equally important is that our team possesses the right mix of personality traits and skills in order to become successful within the Company

Your growth
We need to continually add value for our clients. Our policies are therefore aimed at the continuous development and added value of each employee through regular training both internal and external. This applies to both the (further) development of knowledge levels and the development of skills.

Get in touch
If you consider yourself a professional with a ‘hands-on’ mentality, enthusiastic, independent, committed, a team player, and trustworthy, we invite you to get in touch on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Current Job Openings

Date Posted: 4th December 2018
Job Title: Compliance and corporate services clerk

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Date Posted: 23rd October 2018

Job Title: Investor Services Administrator

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Date Posted: 9th August 2018
Job Title: Fund Accountant

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Date Posted: 9th August 2018
Job Title: Senior Fund Accountant

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