• A full Member State of the European Union and part of the Eurozone, providing Malta-based businesses with instant access to the EU’s internal market of over 500 million people;
  • Strategic location, being within 3 hours direct flight time from Europe’s major financial centres;
  • Accessible and forward-looking regulators having a pragmatic and pro-business approach towards regulation;
  • Comprehensive financial legislation catering inter alia for the regulation of Malta Hedge Funds, investment services providers, banking and financial institutions, and retail and captive insurance business;
  • An Increasing Portfolio of Fund Options – Retaining its popular Professional Investor Funds (PIF) regime and the creation of new regime for Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), is one of the biggest recent developments in Malta’s fund landscape – and today Malta continues to offer PIFs, with the addition of AIFs and recently NAIFs. Malta’s legislation also provides for the setting up of UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) and non-UCITS retail funds;
  • Passporting opportunities for Funds and Fund Managers – EU Membership in 2004 and the subsequent adoption of the euro in January 2008 were the initial catalyst for the development of Malta’s funds industry. The finance centre’s regulatory framework was approved by the EU and passporting rights for UCITS were introduced;
  • Low Set-Up and Operational Costs;
  • Tax efficient environment (Exemption from income tax and capital gains tax);
  • A network of double taxation treaties with over 70 states;
  • Political stability coupled with unanimous political support for the country’s position as an international business and financial services centre of excellence;
  • An educated, dedicated and multi-lingual workforce having a strong work ethic;
  • Availability of specialised professionals at competitive rates;
  • Presence of all major audit firms;
  • A banking sector, composed of a combination of solid and reliable Maltese banks and major international banks, providing the highest standards of service to corporate and private clients;
  • Safe, secure and pleasant Mediterranean lifestyle. 



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